About us VT

VICUÑA TRAVEL LTDA. It is constituted as a Receptive Tour Operator with features focused on archaeological and cultural heritage of Chile, with an anthropological vision develops its tour packages based on research conducted in different sites and locations that are part of their catalog.


Convert our experience into a strategic solution for our customers, thus positioning ourselves as leaders in delivering quality care and on the market. Understanding that the success of both is closely related.

VICUÑA TRAVEL LTDA. Its mission is to offer its national and international clients, companies and institutions that require it, high quality cultural tourism, delivering innovation in special interest tourism. Our commitment is to exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers and our environment, providing the best service and the best market conditions.

To fulfill our commitment, we have a team of tourism professionals highly qualified professionals and extensive experience d, anthropologists, archaeologists, cultural managers, sociologists, and.


Being a company that develops reliably, safe, solid, flexible and cost effective, building the change in the era of service and quality, with the boldness and human quality of our people, with management to anticipate and adapt to change and learn from experience and innovate constantly. Our projection is to grow our company in a sustainable manner, increasing the profitability of our business and i positively impacting the environment, economic and cultural means.

Our vision is to be the best inbound tour operator and be recognized nationally and internationally in the tourism sector, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. Maintaining a harmonious relationship between economy, environment and social development, preserving nature, heritage conservation. We want to be a company generating employment and wealth, contributing to economic and social development of local communities.