Quality politics

  1. Quality Policy VICUÑA TRAVEL LTDA, is focused on customers, complying with the regulations in force, to provide quality and timely services.
  2. Concern for the integral development of officials and cooperative work.
  3. Constant improvement of processes and services.
  4. We understand that our customers are the raison d'être and our passion, which is why we orient ourselves to the satisfaction of our customers, exceeding their expectations and complying with the legal requirements applicable to the activity.
  5. We encourage our staff in the habit of our values, understanding that raise personal and professional growth and, therefore, also organizational.
  6. The effectiveness of our decisions are based on analysis of the information gathered from all our processes, aiming at the optimization of resources and the generation of added value at all levels, as a means to lead to continuous improvement of its processes and products generating value to the company and its customers.
  7. VICUÑA TRAVEL.LTDA., is formed by a team of highly competent professionals in the development of programs and tourist services , providing personalized, reliable service to each of our passengers.
  8. Our executives are always ready to meet the requirements of our customers, understanding and respecting the commercial chain b Entrem operators and travel agencies.